About Me


Hi, I’m Kim, nice to meet you!

I’m a self-confessed nerd, loving all things sci-fi, fantasy, games (both computer and tabletop), reading and my crazy cat Luna the Lunatic.

I’ve always know from a young age that I wanted to work with art and computers, so I’m now following my passion and offering my design services to individuals and companies who need a bespoke design package combined with exceptional customer service.


My service includes thorough research of your design requirements so I can tailor the very best solution to you! Please use the Contact Form so we can work together on your exciting project!

Branding Services

Using my combined skills of graphic design and customer service, I can thoroughly research and implement an effective brand strategy which can include the following:

  • Research of markets
  • Concept development
  • Logo design
  • Brand guidelines.
Design and Print Services

My career has been spent in the print industry, so this places me in a fantastic position to help you with:

  • Designing a range of printed projects, such as business cards, leaflets, posters and more
  • If you would like printed materials, I can source print at a reasonable price, and produced as environmentally-friendly as possible.
Illustration Services

One of my hobbies is traditional art; while I specialise with coloured pencils I can work with a range of materials. You can commission me for personalised works including, but not limited to:

  • Pet portraiture
  • Wildlife art
  • Fan art.

Environmental Policy

As more shocking headlines hit the news about the state of our planet, I endeavor to make as many environmentally-friendly choices as possible. You can be confident that by working with me I will do all I can to minimise my carbon footprint. Kim Kirk Creative runs on 100% renewable electricity, and personally I have made other environmentally-friendly choices in the past few years, such as eating less meat, reducing my use of single-use plastics, and if I can, I will walk or use public transport.

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