I loved working on this project, as it was one of my ‘ah-ha!’ moments in naming the mobile food van company my partner wants to set up. By having the umlaut over the ‘o’ in ‘cronch’, it changes the sound of the vowel, so it sounds more like ‘crunch’ than ‘cronch’.

I wanted to use a clean font for this design, as I feel this will appeal more to a younger market, and the clever use of the umlaut will let customers know that crönch doesn’t take itself too seriously, but aims to deliver fresh, tasty, guilt-free food to a wide audience.

crönch will sell honest vegan food at a variety of events and locations around the UK, selling feel-good food like stews and curries. There will be a variety of styles of food, but with limited offerings, ensuring that great taste and good food is presented to meat eaters, veggies and vegans alike, cruelty-free and without compromise. crönch will also concentrate on living the sustainable life, some ideas we’re exploring are biofuel and fully recyclable dishware, as well as environmentally-friendly cleaning products

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