Henry's Honey

This project is a branding and label design for Henry’s Honey – a premium British company that produces luxury organic honey.

The client started the design needed to be clean and modern, with a less-is-more approach to the branding. I created this using a predominantly black background, with highlights of yellow in the text and icon to show a glimpse of the golden honey. The black background will really stand out against the honey suspended in the jar.

The script font for the name gives the brand a personal feel, while the capital ‘H’ in ‘Henry’s’ stamps its authority in the branding that this is the honey of choice for consumers. Meanwhile, the font I used for the word ‘HONEY’ is ultra-clean by comparison.

I decided not to incorporate a hexagon shape to represent a honeycomb into the main design, as this would look too cluttered against the rest of the design; instead I kept it simple with a barely-there honeycomb in opposite corners of the label. Also, by not making the label shape a hexagon, this will keep production costs down as the label can be square-cut, not kiss-cut.

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